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 I.DEAL Comprehensive Services

  • Placement of New Foreign Domestic Helper – View bio-data online/home services
  • Placement of Experience/Transfer maids – Face to face interview with FDW in our office/ in the comfort of your home
  • Full Documentation process for your Direct hired/own source FDW
  • Part time housekeeper/Babysitter and Concierge services
  • Selected Caregiver with proper training in Elderly Care/Bedridden patient  - Experience/Graduated in nursing aid/health care
  • Home Leave Processing
  • Application of work permits
  • Renewal and collection of passports and work permits
  • New contract/Re-contract for Employer and FDW
  • Embassy endorsement
  • Cancellation of work permits
  • Booking and Purchasing of air tickets
  • Purchasing of banker guarantee and insurance for FDW
  • Repatriation of FDW
  • Arrangement of medical check up for FDW
  • Home Counselling Services
  • Temporary lodging services for FDW while you are away
  • Other foreign worker related services
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